Group keyboard classes for 4-9 year olds

Keybra at schools

Keybra at Schools offers two options:

  1. Foundation phase music taught through keyboards to support the school curriculum
  2. Keybra lessons where parents/guardians pay for children to attend during the school day

Foundation Phase

  • Children learn musical skills required by the curriculum, on the keyboard
  • Musical elements explored on the keyboard through compositions
  • Pitch and duration taught using fun games, and incorporated into basic compositions
  • Rhythm and melody grids used to show duration
  • Texture, pitch and dynamics explored through graphic scores
  • Rhythms of varying complexities developed
  • 'Working with others' skills developed by group compositions and performances

In addition:

  • Songs relating to school topics covered, and basic versions played on the keyboards
  • More specific keyboard skills can be delivered if required
  • Classes are taught in groups of up to 10
  • Flexibility available to design projects based on teacher requirements
  • ​All instruments and resources provided

Prices are discussed based on the requirement of the school. 

Keybra Lessons

  • Classes taught in groups on compact keyboards
  • Rhythm skills taught through well known songs
  • Core hand techniques of playing the piano, without the difficulty of weighted keys
  • Games played to learn important theory skills

Parent/Guardian payments are handled directly by Keybra.​​

To begin a conversation about Foundation Phase or Keybra Lessons, including a free no commitment taster at your school, please email